Our Story

When people grow & consume hemp it makes the world more sustainable and healthier.

The agricultural supply chains are struggling to be sustainable and are leading to toxic unhelathy products. 

The problem is enormous. Our food, and housing chains are affected, and if this goes on it will continue to destroy our economies and environment. It will lead to greater debt, and destruction of our ecosystems and communities. 

At TigerFiber we provide hemp fiber products as a solution for farmers, and consumers to accomplish their goals, while honoring our planet. 

We are helping build the infrustructure for healthier homes, and more sustainable products so that famers and communities around the world can live in harmony with nature. When people grow and consume hemp it makes the world more sustainable and healthier. 

TigerFiber is more than a hemp company. We serve as an essential leader in hemp fiber processing and distribution.

Here, you will learn who we are, where we came from, and what we stand for. 

We are the sum of the things we’ve done, the relationships we cherish, and the places we’ve been. After this section, we hope you’ll come to know us a little bit more.

Our Guiding Principles

Imagine a day where the house hold products we consume are sustainable and affordable. Now think about that feeling when you use tree-based products or petroleum products.

That feeling is a lack of hemp.

Our Mission

Farmers & communities are being stripped of their power to living healthy, happy lives, while the environment is being destroyed by the minute. 

We believe our farmers and communities deserve a life of honor and sustainability. 

That’s why TigerFiber offers cutting-edge, raw, hemp fiber materials & lifestyle products. 


We are Reliable. Forward-Thinking & Scalable.

TigerFiber Black Flag

“Hemp is one of the greatest, most important substances of our nation.”